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       Dr. George Shieh established the firms in Taipei and Tainan in 1972.謝諒獲博士於民國61年在台北及台南創立本所,並在民國72年在美國設立律師事務所. The Firms also established an office in the USA in 1983. The Firms are one of the most prestigious and qualified firms in the nation and in the world, as their attorneys possess one of the best education and quality in handling complex multinational litigations and transactions. The Firms provide a full range of administrative, civil, commercial and criminal legal services.本所乃全方位服務之律師事務所,舉凡行政,民事及刑事問題均在服務範圍內

        The Firms establish correspondent relationships with foreign law firms throughout America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia to facilitate legal matters involving foreign laws.本所與美洲,歐洲,紐西蘭,澳洲及亞洲之律師事務所建立業務合作之關係,本所亦與各國之重要顧問公司,會計師事務所,銀行及信託業者合作 The Firms have well established working relationships with major business consulting firms, accounting firms and banking facilities.

        Through the international modern techniques, the Taiwan offices are able to handle the litigation, arbitration and transaction in the United States and in other countries. The Firms employ a unique team-work approach internally and internationally that provides the most comprehensive, efficient and cost saving legal services to the Firm's clients worldwide.

        Client Base: The major clients of the Firms are the leaders of airline, bank, bicycle, computer, construction, department stores, electronic, furniture, government, High Tech, hotel, import-export, industries, insurance, internet (information technology), LCD, machinery, maritime, medium, pharmaceutical, paper, plastic, power, publication, securities, semiconductor, shipping, steel, telecommunication, TV, textile, trading, travel agent, trust, wine, wire and cable.本所重要客戶乃航空,銀行,自行車,電腦,建築,電力,傢俱,政府,旅館,進出口,工商業,保險,網路,海商,媒體,醫藥,紙業,塑膠業,動 力,印刷,證券,船舶,鋼鐵,電訊,電視,紡織,貿易,旅行業,信託,煙酒,電線電纜之領導者之一

        The Aviation, Maritime & Shipping Department航空、海商船務部: handles all aspects of the multinational, multistate and nationwide aviation and maritime matters and litigation, including, but not limited to, aviation and maritime regulations, collisions, P. & I. work, cargo issues. The Firms handles ongoing criminal investigation, plea barging and other aspects of criminal proceedings concerning ocean pollution.本部門處理各種跨國、跨洲及全國性之航空及海運事件及訴訟, 包括, 但不限於, 航空及海運之規範法令、碰撞、P&I 、運貨問題. 本所處理海上船舶污染所造成之刑事調查, 和解及其他刑事上之相關問題.

        The International and Anti-Dumping Department國際及反傾銷部: handles the multinational and multistate transactions, litigation, anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard, and trade regulations. The Firms possess the unique skills in handling the conflict of law and international litigation techniques. The Department handles anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard, and trade regulations in the United States, Mainland China and Taiwan since 1983.

        The Corporate Department公司部: handles incorporation, tax planning, labor, foreign investment, government contracts, licensing, technology transfers, mergers and acquisitions, securities, labor and other corporate matters. 本部處理跨國及跨海之業務、訴訟、反傾銷、平衡稅、防衛措施,及貿易規章. 本所在法律衝突及國際訴訟技巧上, 具有特殊技巧. 本部自西元1983起即處理美國、大陸及台灣之反傾銷、平衡稅、防衛措施,及貿易規範問題.

        The Banking and Financing Department銀行及貸款部: handles establishment of wholesale branches, on-shore and off-shore banking entities, commercial and investment banking, private banking, international financing and other regulatory and documentary services.

        The Intellectual Property & Information Technology Department智慧財產及資訊科技部: handles all aspects of intellectual property rights including servicemark, trademark, patent and copyright registration, licensing, transfer, and internet (information technology) for domestic and international clients.

        The Litigation Department訴訟部: handles a variety of administrative, commercial, civil and criminal litigation and has created several landmark cases in the United States and in Taiwan.

        The Insurance & Reinsurance Department保險及再保險部: handles variety of the insurance, reinsurance and shipping matters, including, but not limited to, setting up of insurance, reinsurance and shipping companies, brokers, and agents and their licensing, insurance and reinsurance defenses, collisions, P. & I. work, cargo and other disputes. The Department also handles viatical settlement . 本部亦處理保單貼現之各種法律問題.

        The Immigration Department移民部: handles the immigration and non-immigration (including working permits and alien resident certificates) matters for foreigners residing in Taiwan and for foreign entities doing business in Taiwan, as well as for residents and entities in Taiwan who/which intend to work, reside and do business in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, et al.辦理美國、加拿大、澳洲、紐西蘭、新加坡及台灣移民。

        The Mainland China Department 大陸部:handles anti-dumping filed by the companies in Mainland China against Taiwan Companies, and companies in other countries, and handles incorporations and various commercial matters in Mainland China. The Firm first assisted Mainland China companies to answer the anti-dumping complaints filed by the America companies in the United States in 1983, and represented several Mainland China companies incorporated in the United States and those doing business in the U. S. The Firm now works closely with many Mainland China law firms in different cities for different projects.