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謝博士是聯合律師事務所的主持人及創辦人,也是全國律師公會®、台灣律師公會®、士林律師公會®及板橋律師公會®發起人。謝 博士以三年左右之時間榮獲美國耶魯大學法律博士、法學碩士及法學博士三個學位,極可能破了美國法律教育界之記錄。他曾膺選為耶魯法學論叢之編輯(法學院最 高榮譽之一),在耶魯法學碩士班﹝完美或近乎完美成績﹞及博士班均以第一名畢業,並在一年內取得耶魯大學法學博士學位。

    謝博士在1972年(大學一年級時)通過律師高考。台灣的律師高考是全世界最難的考試之一。謝博士也在1973年通過稅務人員特考且名列前矛。他已登錄為 商標專利代理人。謝博士也考取美國律師並執行美國律師業務逾37年。他在法律界已約半世紀。謝博士是國際商會在北美洲,尼泊爾及台灣之仲裁人‧謝博士的業務專重 美國、中國及國際上的公司、合併及收購、商務交易、仲裁(國際商會及中華民國商務仲裁委員會)、銀行、金融、財務、貸款、房地產、公司計劃、財產(避稅) 計劃(遺囑、信託等)、國際訴訟技巧、智慧財產權(網路、商標、專利、著作權等)、海商(含污染、刑事及行政訴訟)、航空、反傾銷、海關、保險、建築、旅 館、移民(台灣、美國、加拿大、澳洲、紐西蘭、新加坡)、和台灣法律(民、刑及行政訴訟及非訟事件)。國語及閩南語均是謝博士的母語。

     Dr. Shieh is a Managing Attorney of the Firms, and the Founder of the National Bar Association (NBA)® ,Taiwan Bar Association (TBA)® , the Taipei Bar Association (PTBA)® and the Pan-Taiwan Bar Association (PBA)® , and the Firms. He received his Juris Doctor (J.D.), Master of Law (LL.M.) and Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) degrees from the Yale Law School in less than four years. He was an editor of the Yale Law Journal: graduated first in his class in the LL.M. program (perfect or near perfect grades); and completed his J.S.D. dissertation in less than one year.

     Dr. Shieh passed the Chinese Bar Examination in Taiwan, which is recognized as one of the most difficult bar examinations in the world, in 1972 as a first year college student. Dr. Shieh also passed the Special Examination for Tax Officials in 1973 with one of the highest scores. He is admitted to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office in Taiwan. He is also admitted to practice in the United States of America, and has practiced American law for over 37 years. He has been in the legal profession for a half-century. Dr. Shieh is an arbitrator for the International Chamber of Commerce in North America, Nepal and Taiwan. Dr. Shieh's law practice emphasizes American, Chinese and international business transactions, arbitrations (International Chamber of Commerce, and Taiwan), banking and financing, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, estate planning (trusts and wills, etc.), international litigation techniques, intellectual property, information technology, maritime (including pollution, criminal and administrative litigations), aviation, anti-dumping, customs, insurance, construction, hotel-motel, immigration (Taiwan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore) and Chinese law (civil, criminal and administrative litigation and transaction). Dr. Shieh's native-languages are Mandarin (Chinese) and Fujianese (Taiwanese).

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