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        GEORGE SHIEH 謝諒獲博士, Admitted, 1972, Taiwan; 1974, Patent Attorney; 1984, Oregon, U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court. Education: Yale Law School (LL.M., 1980; J.S.D., Doctor of the Science of Law, 1981; J.D., 1984). Editor, Yale Law Journal, 1983-1984. Attorney, Debevoise & Plimpton (NY), Stoel Rives (OR), O'Melveny & Myers (LA). Partner, Lewis, D'Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard (1989-91), Fulbright & Jaworski, (1991--).

Author: "Problems of Fair Trial," 2/80; "Group Defamation," 5/81; "Act of State Ad Absurdum," 4/83; "Can International Legal Matters Be Litigated in Taiwan?" 8/94; "Judicial Reform," 9/94; "Can Foreign Lawyers Practice Law in Taiwan?" China Times, 3/95, Taiwan Bar Journal, 9/00, & Liberty News, 11/27/01; " Is American Judiciary a Lesser Evil?" 6/95, Taipei Bar Journal, 9/99, and Taiwan Bar Journal, 6/99 & 9/00; "The Techniques of Self-protection in the Multinational Trading and Investment," 7/95; "Multinational Product Liability and Insurance," 8/95; "Investment and Immigration," 9/95 & 10/00; "The Techniques in the Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions," 9/95; "How to Deal With American Tax Law?" 9/95; "How to Purchase Supermarket?" 9/95; "Taiwan's Status, An American Cases Study," 9/95 & Taiwan Bar Journal, 12/99; "The Advantages In Incorporation," 9/95; "A System Of Lies Or Laws--A Review Of Simpson's Trial," 10/95 & Taiwan Bar Journal, 9/00; "A Review Of The American Copyright," 11/95; "A Review of the American Trademark And Servicemark," 11/95; "The Legal Problems on the Exhibition of our National Treasurers in the U.S.," 1/96; "Skills in Purchasing Casinos, 1/96; "Judicial Discrimination," 1/96; "CA Judges and Lawyers Were Convicted, and NY & DC Judges and Lawyers Were Indicted, of Organized Crimes," Taipei Bar Journal, 9/99 & Taiwan Bar Journal, 9/00; "Rights to Counsel in Taiwan and in USA", Taiwan Bar Journal, 5/01; "Yale 300 and Legal Reform", Taichung Bar Journal, 12/01; "Proposed Amendments for The Compulsory Execution Law"; "The Roles of Prosecutors in the Self-Prosecution Cases", Kaoshung Bar Journal, 12/01; Tainan Bar Journal, 12/01; "Arbitrations in Geneva", Taiwan Bar Journal (日內瓦仲裁,全國律師,2002年8月版,pp.97-105); The Significant Constitutional Dilemmas in Arbitrations in Paris and Taiwan", to be published soon; Reciprocity on recognition of judgments between Taiwan and USA, China Times, and Taiwan Daily News, 5/06.

LANGUAGES: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese.

PRACTICE AREAS: Aviation航空, Arbitration仲裁 (ICC, Paris, Geneva, North Europe, North America, Singapore, Taiwan, Nepal), Anti-dumping (America, Asia, & Europe) 反傾銷(美洲、亞洲、歐洲), Banking銀行, Finance, Conflict of Laws, Construction, Estate Planning, Maritime海商, Tax, BOT.,viatical settlement (詳參謝博士簡介 )


M. S. Lin 林茂松律師, admitted, Taiwan; Education: Kyoto University 日本京都大學; Practice areas: Bankruptcy, General.

R. C. Lin 林瑞成博士, admitted, Taiwan; Education: National Chung Hsing University (LL.B.), China (LL.D.)中國法學博士; Practice areas: Civil Law, Criminal Law.

F. C. CHIN 金輔政律師(台美律師), Admitted, 1966, Taiwan; 1986, New York. Education: National Taiwan University (LL.B., 1965); Boston University (LL.M., 1985). PRACTICE AREAS: Arbitration, Construction, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Foreign Investment, Government, Immigration, Litigation.

G. L. Huang 黃國郎律師, admitted, Taiwan; Judge; Practice areas: Civil Laws and Trials, Criminal Laws and Trials.

C. R. YUAN 袁靜如, Education: University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School 賓州大學華頓商學院碩士(M.A., 1987); Yale University 耶魯大學碩士(M.A., 1988). PRACTICE AREAS: BOT, Information Technology資訊科技, Intellectual Property智慧財產權, International Law 國際法, Anti-dumping (USA,China & Taiwan) 反傾銷﹝美國、大陸和台灣, Investment 投資, Licensing技術轉移.


VICTOR HSIEH, Languages: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin. Practice Area: Clients Psychology, Criminology, Tax, Intellectual Property.

PAUL HSIEH,  Languages: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin. Practice Areas: Medicine laws, Medical Malpractice.

JAMES W.T. HUANG, Education: University of California at Berkeley (B.A., 1983). PRACTICE AREAS: BOT, Customs, Hotel-Motel, Information Technology, Tax, International Litigation Techniques, Labor and Employment, Licensing, Securities.

Jane C. CHANG, Education: National Chung-Shing University (National Taipei University) (LL.B.). PRACTICE AREAS: Maritime & Shipping, Construction, Piercing the Corporate Veil.

Karen S. Wu,Education: Tamkang University (B.A.). PRACTICE AREAS: Anti-dumping, Environmental Pollution and Protections, Maritime & Shipping, Corporation, Immigration (U.S.A., Canada, Taiwan).

M. H. Lien, Education: Chinese Culture University. PRACTICE AREAS: Anti-dumping, Countervailing, Safeguard.

G.F. YANG, Education: Jin-Wen Industrial Commercial College (Associates Degree, Banking-Insurance). PRACTICE AREAS: Immigration, Incorporation, Banking, Insurance, Information Technology.

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